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Publication list

  • Low-cost wireless condition monitoring for an ultracold atom machine,
    M. Chilcott & N. Kjærgaard,
    Internet of Things 13 , 100345 (2021)
    [JOURNAL] [PDF print/preprint]

  • Strong zero- field Forster resonances in K-Rb Rydberg systems,
    J.S. Otto, N. Kjærgaard, & A.B. Deb
    Physical Review Research 2 033474 (2020)

  • Dispersive detection of atomic ensembles in the presence of strong lensing,
    A. B. Deb, J. Chung & N. Kjærgaard,
    New Journal of Physics, 22 073017 (2020)

  • A digital PID controller for stabilizing large electric currents to the ppm level for Feshbach resonance studies,
    R. Thomas & N. Kjærgaard,
    Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 034705 (2020)
    [JOURNAL]   [PDF print/preprint]

  • Deterministic quantum state transfer of atoms in a random magnetic field,
    B. Sawyer, M. Chilcott, R. Thomas, A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    European Physical Journal D 73, 160 (2019)

  • Observation of bound state self-interaction in a nano-eV atom collider,
    R. Thomas, M. Chilcott, E. Tiesinga, A. B. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Nature Communications 9, 4895 (2018)

  • A three-dimensional steerable optical tweezer system for ultracold atoms,
    C. S. Chisholm, R. Thomas, A. B. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 103105 (2018)
    [JOURNAL]  [PDF print/preprint]

  • Radio-over-fiber using an optical antenna based on Rydberg states of atoms,
    A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Applied Physics Letters 112, 211106 (2018)

  • Above-threshold scattering about a Feshbach resonance for ultracold atoms in an optical collider,
    M. Horvath, R. Thomas, E. Tiesinga, A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Nature Communications 8, 452 (2017)

  • Scattering Atoms Catch the d wave,
    N. Kjærgaard,
    Physics 10, 123 (2017)
     [PDF print/preprint]

  • Rydberg excitation of cold atoms inside a hollow-core fiber,
    M. Langbecker, M. Noaman, N. Kjærgaard, F. Benabid & P. Windpassinger,
    Physical Review A 96, 041402(R) (2017)

  • Dispersive optical detection of magnetic Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases,
    B. Sawyer, M. Horvath, E. Tiesinga, A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Physical Review A 96, 022705 (2017)
    [JOURNAL]  [SCOPUS] [PDF print/preprint]

  • Quantum Scattering in an Optical Collider for Ultracold Atoms,
    R. Thomas, M. Chilcott, C. Chisholm, A. Deb, M. Horvath, B. Sawyer & N. Kjærgaard,
    J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 875, 012007 (2017)
    [JOURNAL]  [PDF print/preprint]

  • 20 years of Bose–Einstein condensates: current trends and applications of ultracold quantum gases,
    G. De Chiara, N. Kjærgaard, L. Mathey & P. Windpassinger,
    Journal of Modern Optics 63, 1743 (2016)

  • Multiple scattering dynamics of fermions at an isolated p-wave resonance,
    R. Thomas, K. Roberts, E. Tiesinga, A. Wade, P. Blakie, A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Nature Communications 7, 12069 (2016)

  • Dispersive light-matter interaction in programmable optical tweezers,
    B. Sawyer, M. Horvath, A. Deb & N. Kjaergaard,
    Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 9548, 95480B (2015)

  • Peeking and poking at atoms with laser light,
    N. Kjærgaard,
    New Zealand Science Review 72, 41 (2015)
     [PDF print/preprint]

  • Optical runaway evaporation for the parallel production of multiple Bose-Einstein condensates,
    A. Deb, T. McKellar & N. Kjærgaard,
    Physical Review A 90, 051401(R) (2014)
    [JOURNAL]  [SCOPUS] [PDF print/preprint]

  • Steerable optical tweezers for ultracold atom studies,
    K. Roberts, T. McKellar, J. Fekete, A. Rakonjac, A. Deb & N. Kjaergaard,
    Optics Letters 39, 2012-2015 (2014)

  • Dispersive probing of driven pseudospin dynamics in a gradient field,
    A. Deb, B. Sawyer & N. Kjærgaard,
    Physical Review A 88, 063607 (2013)

  • Note: Computer controlled rotation mount for large diameter optics,
    A. Rakonjac, K. Roberts, A. Deb & N. Kjærgaard,
    Review of Scientific Instruments 84, 026107 (2013)

  • Versatile laser system for experiments with cold atomic gases,
    A. Deb, A. Rakonjac & N. Kjærgaard,
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics 29, 3109-3113 (2012)

  • Laser based accelerator for ultracold atoms,
    A. Rakonjac, A. Deb, S. Hoinka, D. Hudson, B. Sawyer & N. Kjærgaard,
    Optics Letters 37, 1085-1087 (2012)

  • Reducing number fluctuations of ultracold atomic gases via dispersive interrogation,
    B. Sawyer, A. Deb, T. McKellar & N. Kjærgaard,
    Physical Review A 86, 065401 (2012)

  • Quantum scattering of distinguishable bosons using an ultracold-atom collider,
    A. Mellish, N. Kjærgaard, P. Julienne & A. Wilson,
    Physical Review A 75, 020701(R) (2007)

  • Interferometric measurement of ultracold collision properties using an atom collider,
    A. Wilson, N. Kjærgaard & A. Mellish,
    IQEC, International Quantum Electronics Conference Proceedings 2005, 251-2521560873 1560873 (2005)

  • Differential scattering measurements from a collider for ultracold atoms,
    N. Kjærgaard, A. Mellish & A. Wilson,
    New Journal of Physics 6, 1-15 (2004)

  • Imaging of s and d partial-wave interference in quantum scattering of identical bosonic atoms,
    N. Thomas, N. Kjærgaard, P. Julienne & A. Wilson,
    Physical Review Letters 93, (2004)